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Smart Snacks Nesting Gummies -

Smart Snacks Nesting Gummies

$ 19.99

Smart Snacks Nesting Gummies 
by Learning Resources 

Ages 2+ 
Grades Toddlers, Preschool 

Smart Snacks Nesting Gummies a delicious way to develop color identification, nesting skills, size comparison, hand-eye coordination. 

Bears and bears and bears, oh my! How many bears can Papa Bear hold? Open and see! Kid-approved Smart Snacks pack serious learning into delightful batches of irresistible play. This batch features 5 progressively sized, differently colored bears that children can take apart, snap back together, and nest into one. Baby, brother, sister, Mama, and Papa—the whole family is here to demonstrate sizes, colors, and big-time fine motor fun! 

What's in the Box? 

     • 5 Bears (red, orange, yellow, green, blue)

Largest bear red measures 6¼ inches H 

Suggested Learning Activities:  

Ordering or sequencing by size: Have your child put the bears in order from biggest to smallest and then smallest to biggest. If your child is having difficulty, try tracing the bottom of each bear on a piece of paper, and then have your child place the matching bear on top.

Fine motor skills: While opening and closing these bears may seem simple to adults, it’s actually a great way for children to build fine motor skills (by strengthening muscles in the fingers and hand that are later used for holding a pencil and other everyday tasks). 

Vocabulary building: Discuss the color of the bears and use size words such as small, medium, large, short, tall, biggest, bigger, smallest and smaller.  

Counting: Line up the bears by size and have your child tap each bear while counting 1-5. 

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