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Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones Game

Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones Game

$ 19.95

Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones Game

Ages 3 +
Grades Pre-Kindergarten
Players 2 - 4

Scoop up color recognition and matching skills! MY FIRST COLOR GAME!

Sharpens skills in matching, counting and following directions as children collect ice cream puzzle pieces to build their own towering ice cream cone

  • Offers 2 levels of play with double-sided, self-checking puzzle cards
  • Coordinates with our popular Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones to help children step to the next level
  • Includes 30 double-sided scoop cards, 4 cone cards, 4 pawns, spinner, Activity Guide and game board measuring 17.5L x 10.5H inches
    Hop your pawn around the giant ice cream cone
  • Select a scoop that matches the color you land on
  • First to fill up an ice cream cone card wins! 

Object of the Game: 

Be the first player to fill your cone card with one scoop of each color.

Level 1: Setup:

Place scoops word-side down on the game board. Take a cone card and place it in front of you.   Choose an ice-cream cone pawn and place it on a matching color space on the game board. Before playing, review color names with the players.

How to Play:

The youngest player goes first. On your turn, spin the spinner.

If you spin a number, move your pawn that number of spaces in either direction. Look at the color space your pawn lands on and take a matching scoop from the board. If you land on a rainbow space, pick any color scoop. Find the matching color on your cone card and fit the scoop not it. If you already have that color scoop, return it to the game board. Your turn is over. If you spin a double scoop, take two scoops of any color.

The first player who fills a cone card wins. 

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