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Spelling Puzzles 3-4 Workbook -

Spelling Puzzles 3-4 Workbook

$ 2.95

Spelling Puzzles 3-4 Workbook 
by School Zone 

Ages 8 - 10 
30 pages of spelling activities 
Made in the U.S.A. 

Help your child master intermediate spelling patterns. Word recognition, letter combinations, plurals, and more are skills that third and fourth graders need to practice most. With this 32-page workbook, your child builds spelling confidence through fun puzzles and “finish the sentence” activities. At this stage of learning, the rules can seem confusing, including multiple spellings of a long vowel sound (e, ee, ea or ey). Consonants can pose similar challenges, for example, the letter f (f, ph, of, or go) or silent letters. Another hurdle is how to correctly make plurals from various word endings. Let Spelling Puzzles 3-4 help with these tasks and much more! Your child can review and reinforce skills, then move on to more advanced lessons. Whimsical illustrations make learning enjoyable. 

Fun Features and Benefits 
• Parent Guide inside front cover 
• Activities to Share inside back cover 
• 30 pages of spelling activities 
• Easy-reference Answer Key 
• Slim, take-anywhere size 

Educational Skills:  
long vowels; short vowels; plurals; consonant digraphs; silent consonants; prefixes; suffixes; antonyms; homonyms; verb endings; irregular verbs; idioms 

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