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Tell Time Quizmo Game


Tell Time Quizmo Game

$ 16.95

Tell Time Quizmo Game

Ages 7 +
Grades 1st - 4th
Players 2 - 36

Provide kids with plenty of practice in reading, expressing and comparing analogue and digital times on the hour, half, quarter and at 5-minute intervals.

The 36 double-sided game boards feature on Side 1, clocks with analogue faces and side 2 portrays digital notation for time telling. the 70 double-sided calling cards feature times on analogue clocks, in digital notation and in words.

Educational Benefits:

Time telling on the hour, half, quarter and at 5-minute intervals. Comparison of analogue and digital time telling. Auditory/visual association. Mathematical language for telling time. Playing Tell Time Quizmo® will help children to increase their skill in: 1. Telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour and five-minute intervals. 2. Telling time by using the traditional round clock face with two hands. 3. Telling time that is digitally displayed. 4. Using the number of minutes after an hour to calculate the time before the next hour. 5. Using the terms o'clock, after, past , before, to, of, quarter and half-past in expressing time. 6. Reading times written in words.

What's in the Box?

36 double-sided game boards, 70 double-sided calling cards, plastic markers, and instructional guide

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