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Tenable Pyramid Game -

Tenable Pyramid Game

$ 23.95

Tenable Pyramid Game 
Adding and Subtracting by Ten!

Ages 6+ 
Grades 1st to Adult 
Players 1 - 4 
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards 

Tenable Pyramid Game this fun and easy-to-play game develops fluency in basic addition and subtractions while emphasizing mental math skills! 

Tenable is a math skill game and much more. Players must build on the pyramid game board by placing their stones on top of or next to existing stones with a value of +/- 10. You may also make a double by matching the bottom and adjacent stones at the same time. This causes the player to your right to draw another stone. Win the game by getting rid of all your stones. 

  • Find the right stones and use your math skills to build the pyramid. 
  • Fun for the whole family 
  • Only takes 30 seconds to learn! 
  • Tenable Pyramid is a math game that drills addition and subtraction in intervals of 10. Players match their stones to existing ones on the pyramid with a value of +/- 10. 
  • Double matches (top and next to) force your opponent to draw additional stones. 
  • Build strategy skills while developing math fluency. 

What's in the Box? 

Tenable Pyramid Game Board, 55 Stones, Instructions and blue bag 

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