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Thataway! Card Game

Thataway! Card Game

$ 5.99

Thataway! Card Game

Ages 8+ 
Grades 3rd+ 
Players 2 - 5 
Playing Time: 12 Minutes or less 
Made in the U.S.A. 

Thataway! Game Description 

Priscilla the gorilla is on the loose ..which way did she go?! Track down the escaped ape by following the directions on the cards. Did she go left? right? up? down? Play cards quickly to trace her trail. Be the first to capture Priscilla and score big points.  
The player with the highest score is the chimp-chasing champ!  
We know gorillas aren’t often seen running loose in public, let alone by pogo stick or jet pack, but we thought this game would help prepare you just in case one should come across your path some day. As you pursue Priscilla, you’ll not only learn about following directions and sequencing, but you’ll also improve hand-eye coordination. After just a few tries, you’ll find that chasing down gorillas isn’t so tough after all. Getting them back to the zoo – now that’s a whole different game.  
Educational Benefits: 

·         Spatial Relations 

·         Hand-eye coordination 

Award Winning Games: 

Major Fun Award  
Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner  
Dr. Toy's Best Children's Vacation Products for 2007 

What's in the Box? 

60 Cards  


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