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Three Letter Words Puzzle Cards -

Three Letter Words Puzzle Cards

$ 2.99

Three Letter Words Puzzle Cards
by School Zone

Ages 3 +
Grade Level Preschool +
Made in the U.S.A.

Can you make a cow? It's as simple as combining 3 letters. C-o-w!

Imagine the joy your child will have building simple words by piecing together pictures. It's 36 fun puzzles: three cards make one picture; one picture makes one 3-letter word. These Puzzle Cards help little ones learn letters and words to get them ready for reading.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

• 54 double-sided puzzle cards that create 36 three-card match-ups
• Word List Card for easy reference
• Activity Card with directions
• Parent Card for more ideas
• 18 full-color pictures and 18 one-color pictures for 36 word puzzles
• Thick, durable card stock
• Rounded corners for easy sorting
• Perfect travel companions!

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