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Visual Brainstorms Game -

Visual Brainstorms Game

$ 14.95

Visual Brainstorms Game 
by Thinkfun 
Ages 11 - Adult 
Players Single or Multi-Player 
Visual Brainstorm Card Size: 3.5 x 5.4 inches 

The Smart Thinking Game 100 of the World's Best Brainteaser Questions, Guaranteed to Challenge, Entertain, Puzzle and Amuse You! 

This stack of cards includes 100 zany brain-teasing challenges that will keep minds of all ages thinking "fun." Visual puzzles, logic problems, mazes, math challenges, encoded messages, and more will test and amuse players for hours. Visual Brainstorms offers solutions to each problem—plus Bonus Questions on every card for twice the fun and challenge. At home or on the go, these Visual Brainstorms offer a mental workout that can't be beat. 

More Than 100 Ways to Stump Your Brain 

* Color-coded challenge cards indicate the level of difficulty 
* Great for solitary or competitive group play 
* Perfect for travel!

Educational Benefit: 

Logic and Critical Thinking * Visual 

What's in the Box? 

100 Questions Cards and Instructions 

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