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Write-on / Wipe-off Greater Gator Answer Boards, Set of 4

Write-on / Wipe-off Greater Gator Answer Boards, Set of 4

$ 19.95

Write-on / Wipe-off Greater Gator Answer Boards, Set of 4

Ages 5+
Grades Kindergarten, 1st Grade +
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards
Set of 4 Write-on / Wipe-off Greater Gator Answer Boards

Lurking in the swamps of problem solving, ready for comparison conundrums, the value-hunting Greater Gator always gets his number! Join the search by writing two different numbers or expressions on the write-and-wipe board; compare, and then turn less , greater than Gator’s mouth into the appropriate symbol for. Follow one simple rule to stay on the beaten path: equal to , or than always open Gator’s jaws to the larger number, for he always seeks the biggest bite. Chomp, chomp, chomp—that’s one hungry gator. And soon you’ll have a classroom of math-hungry students to match! Write on the boards with a dry- or wet-erase marker.

Move the gator's mouth to show <, =, and >!

Do not Note: saturate the boards with water or cleaning solution. This could warp the boards.

Fun Classroom Uses: —Have students write a different number in Number Crunching each box on the board. Then, turn Gator’s mouth into the symbol that makes a true math sentence (i.e., open the mouth to the ; make the top less than and greater than larger number to show ). Where students place equal and bottom jaws parallel to show the numbers will determine which symbol to use and how to read the sentence. Perform this activity with many different numbers, including some that are equal.

Movable Feast to and raise their boards to share equal , or less than , greater than the answer. Give students a number to write on the left side of their boards. Then, let them choose a number for the right side that makes a true math sentence. Check that students wrote the sentence correctly. For a new challenge, try giving students the number on the right side first! Number Crunching —Perform the above activities, Express Yourself , with a twist: use expressions (for example, 4 + 2) Movable Feast and instead of numbers (6). For a real challenge, have students compare numbers to numbers, numbers to expressions, and expressions to expressions! —It’s time for students to try writing the symbols in Solo Solving proper form without Gator’s help! Use the reverse side of the board to perform the above activities; this time, however, have students write the universal symbols (<, >, and =) between the figures instead of forming them with Gator’s mouth. —Split the classroom into two teams. Pass out one board Gator Race to the first person on each team. Call out a true math sentence (e.g., “2 is less than 7”). The first person (or team) to write the sentence correctly on a board, using Gator’s mouth as the proper symbol, wins! Also, try using the reverse sides of the boards to write in the , above). Solo Solving symbols 

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