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Write and Wipe Clock Telling Time Dry Erase Boards, Set of 5

Write & Wipe Clock Telling Time Dry Erase Boards, Set of 5

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Write and Wipe Clock Telling Time Dry Erase Boards, Set of 5
by Learning Resources

Ages 6 - 10
Grades 1st - 5th Grades

Get a hand on time! Challenge students to show the right answer before their classmates do!

Displays student answers to digital or analog time questions.

  • Helps students transition from digital to analog time-telling
  • Displays an analog face on one side, digital on the reverse, to reinforce both methods of time-telling
  • Provides teacher with immediate feedback
  • Features color-coded hours (red) and minutes (blue) to help students differentiate
  • Works with wet- or dry-erase marker
  • Includes 5 double-sided clock boards and Activity Guide
  • Durable cardboard clock boards each measure 6.5 inches diameter with a 4.75 L inches plastic handle

Educational Benefits:
Encouraging participation, Transitioning from digital to analog time-telling, Whole-class activities, Center or small-group activities, Playing Games

What's in the Box?

5 Write-and-Wipe Clock Boards with handles, One side with the analog clock, other sides with digital clock, and Large 61/2 inches diameter board size!

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