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Zap Addition Math Card Game -

Zap Addition Math Card Game

$ 9.95 $ 10.99

Zap Addition Math Card Game 

Ages 7 to 14 
Players 1 to 4  
Playing Time: 15 minutes 
Made in the U.S.A. 

How high can you add? Don't get ZAPPED! 

Draw a Zap! card and lose your points for that turn. Draw a Double Zap! card and lose all your points! Add your points as you draw the cards. The first person to reach 50 points wins! Cards are drawn…points are added…do you stop or keep going? Draw a ZAP! card and lose it all! 

This fun, suspense-filled game reinforces addition skills, builds subtraction skills, and develops an awareness of probability and chance. 

Educational Benefits: 

* Reinforce addition skills
* Build Subtraction Skills
* Develop probability strategies

What's in the Box? 

100 Playing Cards, ZAP! Game Play Instructions 

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