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Zip Zap Card Game

Zip Zap Card Game

$ 9.99 $ 10.95

Zip Zap Card Game - The Lighting Fast Card Game 

Ages 6 + 
Players 2 - 6 
Playing Time: 15 Minutes 
Made in the U.S.A. 

Sparks are gonna fly in this lightning-fast card game! Quickly rid your hand of cards by playing numbers in order. Lay down a run and consider yourself in the zone. But don’t get caught ZZZ-ing or else Zap! – another player will steal the lead! Be the first one out of cards and zero in on the win! 

This card game hit us like a bolt of lightning and energized all of our test groups from the moment they played it. Hopefully it will do the same for you. Tips: Try to keep track what cards have already been played as it will help you control the round. Also, for younger players, it might help to play with our Original Little Hands card holders (sold separately). 

Educational Benefits: 

* Number Sequencing 
* Visual Discrimination 
* Hand-Eye Coordination 

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